Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Annunaki / The Chitauri / Draconians / Demons.

I have learnt a lot from Demonology and religions, but only when I compared them with UFOlogy did I discover that vital connection that made everything make so much more sense.

In the Christian religion, Adam and Eve were tempted to eat the forbidden fruit by Satan, a "snake". If you look back at some of the earliest depiction of The Devil and his Demons (I'm refering to the woodcuts dating back to the 1600's) they appear as Dragon-like beings. Also, the Bible often refers to The Devil as a dragon numerous times. When I started studying Demonology, despite this obvious fact, I thought nothing of the dragon-like depictions and descriptions and considered them just random design. However; this turned out to not be the case. As time went on, depiction of The Devil and Demons changed dramatically, from Lizard/Dragon/Snakes to goats and other animals. But if you look back far enough, these Demons will always appear as reptilian.

This brings us to the truth behind demons. I have learned that these demons spoken of in so many religions and demonologies are as follows;

Firstly, they are from the Draconian star system, not Earth. Also, they are not of the 3rd dimension (physical world) but in fact dwell in the 4th dimension. It would seem that hundreds and thousands of years ago, a great war took place upon the Earth. The Elohim (Angels) were the originators of Earth, and assited man. They travelled in chariots... thats how religion puts it, but in truth they travelled in futuristic spacecraft. "Chariots" were the only way people of those times knew how to explain such machines. Man were a highly intelligent race, and were able to transcend beyond the physical world. This was as the Bible spoke, the Paradise, before the coming of Satan and Adam and Eve's deception.

This was when the Draconians arrived. They arrived in chariots also, gold spheres from the sky. They were reptilian in nature, and waged war upon the Elohim. The Elohim were defeated, but not destroyed. And man were forced to worship the Draconians as Gods. In return, they gave man speech. And this was a heavy price to pay, though they didn't realise it at the time. Before they had speech, they were able to use psychic ability. But the more they began speaking with their mouths, the less of their psychic ability they harboured. And that is when man became slaves to the Draconian demons.

My research has lead me to believe that the demons spoken of in ancient religions such as Christianity etc. are in fact these extra-dimensional reptilians, the Draconians.

The Draconians are believed to have abandonned here when the rest of them left and returned to the Draconian star system. Therefore, they are trapped here on Earth, but on a higher plane of existance. From here, they can control humans by possessing them or manipulating them with brainwashing frequencies and similar tactics. The Draconians aim is to conquer, I believe. And this is what they have been doing for thousands of years, except now, they are more discreet in their work, leading humans to believe that they do not even exist.

The Draconians are known to be a beige colour, some what browny/greenish red. They have black eyes with white slits and when they came down to Earth they had crosses on their chests. Many of them had wings, most notably Satan, or as he is called in my research, Pindar.

When the Draconians firt arrived on Earth, they copulated with humans to create a hybrid race known as the Nephilim, but this I will explain in a seperate post.

The Draconians are also known as The Chitauri, The Anunnaki, and Demons.

I have reason to believe that many messages recieved by mediums and psychics from the spirits world are also messages sent by the Chitauri to manipulate. If during a seance, you are to get a message from a dead loved one, I believe in many cases, these are messages actually being sent by the demon, not the one you believe it to be. These are just more and more ways the Chitauri fool and manipulate people. I'm not saying all messages recieves are fake, but they do intercept things like this. Occasionally people have stated that playing with Ouija boards etc has caused them to become uneasy, making them believe they are being watched and in some cases even possessed. Again, if you are contacting the spirit world, this can contact the inter-dimensional Chitauri, which could in fact lead to that.


  1. My understanding is we HU-MAN are geneticly modifed Aliens! That's why we can be manipulated so easyly through our R Cortex. (we got the same DNA after all )
    What are you thing about those Meditation practice? Are we somehow connetecting to 4th dimension as well? Is there any way living this prison?
    Thanks Banu

  2. You are quite wrong. The dragons, or, as you call, Chitauri, is a class of evil spirits, expurged from another world that has ascende to a new degree of evolution. But, not all of that specie are evil. And not every spirit that communicate with mediuns are they. There are good spirits and evil spirits, such as exists too good men and bad men. Spiritis are nothingo more than the souls of the men that died. And that class of spirits, that the spiritism calls Dragons are the most evil of then and they imprisoned in the deepest dimension of the spiritual dimension. Form there they control their servants, spirits of the bad men that died and are these ones that, in the name of the dragons, manipulate men to do evil things. The dragons and their servants are in constant war against Christ and his servants, the spirits of the good men, also called angels by these stupid and ridiculous religions like catoliscism and protestantism that knows nothing. So, stop sayin things that you do not know...

    1. U believe in Christ u lost

    2. All religions outside of your inner being or ridiculous. another way that they distract u from unlocking your pineal. I am my god

    3. You sound like a humanist piece of filth. People like you aren't welcome on sites like this. You're a stupid, uneducated retard. We are not talking about religion. I have no religion, but I am NOT God. God is a force far beyond the shackles of religion and the humanist scum that you like to talk about. Idiots like you who believe in no divine powers above themselves are not only complete morons, they are damaging to the human race.

    4. it was an interesting article. most of the comments seemed interesting and expand on knowledge except for alan swan who wants to ridicule and put down others who dont think the way he does. All he/she doing is going around policing others

    5. I agree with you Michael, very interesting. I also agree with Moorish Mystic, there is no Christ..well not in the sense that most Christians believe any how.

  3. @Leondro Not once did I say that all reptilian lifeforms are evil. Want to reread what I posted? I pretty much lost interested in what you had to say after that because you used the word "Evolution" anyway.

  4. Good post, very interesting, would like to hear more

  5. I think you and I would have an unmeasureable benefit in talking with eac other, you have validated what I have felt and even just plain old known, to an extent, to be correct I am very happy to have read your article. no, im not one of the deceitful shitheads that have been so freely walking about and multiplying, but I a, curious if maybe you could have some answers for me pertaining to a particular star system/constellation.